Our Solutions.

SmartFox is dedicated to making a difference with high impact HR solutions that save time, money and stress. Our solutions improve the world we live in, contribute to a greater sense of community and redefine success, one relationship at a time.

Everything HR

We offer solutions for discipline, legal matters, employee engagement, recruitment, retention, corporate culture and compensation. We will create a step-by-step plan for how to handle your unique situation and will work with you until it’s fixed. Easy peasy!

HR Retainer Program

We offer long-term solutions so that you can have top HR professionals at your fingertip for a fraction of the cost. Contact us to discuss weekly, monthly and yearly packages that are adapted to your needs. We craft our offering to your organization.

Talent Assessment

We use leading edge psychometric tests to predict candidate performance and team effectiveness. Use these assessments when hiring new people, promoting employees and coaching both new hires and existing employees.

Training and Facilitating

Choose from a series of workshops on HR best practices, customer experience and coaching. Also, we offer tailor-fit training solutions that benefit all. Follow us on social media for topics and dates.

Career And Leadership Coaching.

Starter Kit

Uncover your passions and interests to lead you toward a fulfilled career path. Perfect for students and new graduates. We help you choose companies best suited for you, fine tune your resume and perfect your interviewing skills. This plan is for anyone who wants to get their foot in the door at a company they love.

Next Big Thing Kit

Tired of being in the same old role? Ready for your next big move? Let’s figure out the “what else” together and craft a plan to lead you to your end goal. (Includes fine-tuning your resume and brushing up on interviewing skills.)

Employee Enhancement Kit

Looking to build talented employees into leaders? Have key employees that are not carrying their weight? Assess talent within your organization and develop coaching plans to sustain your company’s growth and address succession planning.


1. It’s All About You

First, we start with a conversation about your situation, challenges and career goals, so that we can evaluate your specific needs.

2. Estimate and Kick-Start

Second, we provide you with an estimate and cost breakdown for our services and then come up with a plan of action based on your needs.

3. We Put Your Goals Into Action

Finally, with your best interests in mind, we team up with you in person and/or virtually, helping to ensure that you achieve your goals.